KC Market update 22 Dec 2013

Though I’m bearish on my outlook in the blog, my money is in a different direction. It’s not to say that I will be right no matter which direction the market goes. It’s just that I’m bearish on the market, but I take a lot of deliberation to choose my stock to long.

A quick update to the market.

dji 22 dec 2013

What else can I say when DJI closed at record high? Bullish lor.

hankore 22 dec 2013One bullish stock that will see another 3-year high if it breaks 0.085. Can we see another miracle of this stock moving up 100+% in the coming week?

I certainly hope it does but I’m prepared to take my profit when it U-turn.



Walking away is harder than direct confrontation

2 wise men just told me recently the same principle in life.

the first wise man said this gentle giant chooses to walk away from a physical confrontation not because he’s afraid, but he’s taking a braver move by walking away from it.

the second wise lady told me a similar thing when we witnessed a crazy person doing some funny thing at an escalator.

what will you do if you are faced with someone unreasonable?

follow up on 2013 (III)



Great things just keep happening to me!

Just less than a week ago, I am urging my fellow traders to start trading because it’s time again!

I started to accumulated some stocks for long term “investment” and key in some orders to get ready to trade. True enough. The market is getting pretty bullish these few days – with increasing volume.

Look like the bull is not dying yet!

time to trade 1


time to trade 2Then, I received a call from HDB to hear yet another great news!

Then, I made a sick girl strong last night.

Then errrrr…

I don’t know what to do for today. Guess I have to go office to check my pigeon hole, submit document, go GY to pray, walk around before agency xmas dinner at Morton. Heard it’s some atas place worrrrrrr


KC Market Update 15 Dec 2013

dji 15 dec 2013

DJI fails to rally and goes back to the old trading channel. There is more downward potential to the bottom trendline from here.

sti 15 dec 2013

STI broke down of its long term trend line and closed on the trendline with a bullish counter attack on Friday. It doesn’t look good if STI doesn’t rally from tomorrow.

starhub 15 dec 2013

Starhub broke down of its long term trendline.

st eng 15 dec 2013

So is St Eng.

Overall, market looks pretty bearish with everything breaking its own long term trendline in the Singapore market.

st eng B 15 dec 2013


However, TA let you draw anything that you prefer to see. I see a support for ST Eng in this chart.

With some FA and with simple TA, I decided to invest in ST Eng. Simple and sweet.

St Invest

Some other deciding factor on why I invest in St Eng will be here.